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BIO: in a nutshell...


Rode BMX from about 1982, started skateboarding in 1986 & did that full on till mid 2000s. Cut my 1st skate video in 1987 & bar a few breaks i haven't stopped since.


In the 90s i shot & edited the Backyard BMX videos that focused on the now legendary 'Backyard Jams', also shot a lot of music bits n bobs during this time including a fair bit for London punk stars 'The Flying Medallions' & put together the notorious Hastings 'Snake Skin Jacket' videos.


About 2008 i got interested in photography & without really planning it i fell right into music photography. Through this i reignited my passion for music video making & have since had the pleasure of doing videos/photos with many of the leading UK diy punk acts (particularly Slaves, Wonk Unit, Maid of Ace).


Right now im just loving doing my hobby a bit more full on while i can & meeting all the amazing people who are part of the DIY music scene...


Long may it last! :)